Euthanasia & Cremation Services

The staff at Morrison Veterinary Clinic have a great deal of love and respect for animals, and that is the greatest reason we work at this hospital. Our passion is to provide the best quality care for you and your pets, and we understand that considering euthanasia is the most difficult decision. If at any time you are contemplating euthanasia, know that our staff is able to provide this service for you.

Cremation services are also available, for an additional cost, when euthanasia is elected. There are two types of cremation available:

Communal Cremation: By choosing this cremation, you know that your pet will be cremated and properly disposed. With this option, you do not get your pet’s ashes back.

Private Cremation: By choosing this option, your pet will be cremated by itself and the ashes will be returned to you. Your pet’s ashes will be returned to the clinic within one week of crematory pickup. You will receive a phone call from our office when your pet’s ashes have been returned, and you may pick them up at your convenience.

***We also offer a Clay Paw Keepsake. For a small fee, we can make an impression of your pet’s paw print into a clay mold. This can then be baked to preserve the memory of your pet.